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Lucrare de atestat la limba engleza - two paths, one choice!

Lucrare de atestat la limba engleza - two paths, one choice!

Liceul Marin Preda



††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††† LUCRARE DE ATESTAT

Two paths, One choice!

† the book. His masterpiece needed to be rewritten four times until he could be happy with it and because he worked on it before and after his mother died, Lawrence was able to capture the power of love for her.

††††††††††† William makes the same mistake Gertrude did by getting engaged with the girl he was dating. He understands her true self when she is brought to meet her future husbandís family on Christmas. Louisa starts to act superior in front of them even treating Annie like a servant. This made William think again about marrying a girl so different from his mother like Mrs. Morel did marrying someone so different from her father so he starts to regret proposing her. He understood that his feelings for his mother are greater than the ones for his fiancee but because he couldnít leave her after making a promise like that he continued with the act.

††††††††††† When Paul gets a day off he goes with his mother to the Leivers farm to respond to an invitation at tea. There he first interacts with Miriam, the only daughter of that family and helps her with the teasing of her brothers.

††††††††††† The dramatic part of the story starts when William once again brings his fiancee home and she continues with the behavior she had last time. He is tortured by the thought of getting married with her, he falls ill and soon after he dies in London with his mother by his side. Mrs. Morel is devastated but reacts at the thought that she could also loose Paul that fell ill with pneumonia so she takes care of him.

††††††††††† The fact that Paul wins two first-prizes awards in an exhibition appropriates him more to the image of his older brother and in the same time he makes his mother proud.

††††††††††† A new character appears, Clara Dawes, a married woman that lives apart her husband and that is said that she hates men. She will have a big impact on our heroís life.

††††††††††† Paul continues to see Miriam just like a friend and assures himself that she knows that. They are becoming closer and closer. When she comes to Paulís home while heís baking and acting like that was her house, the familiarity of her is easily seen in her actions. The fact that he is the happiest when he is with her makes Paul put Mrs. Morel and Miriam on the same level considering the last one a thread in the relation he has with his mother. Even so he canít accept to lose any of them. He becomes selfish about love and wants to keep it in a balance but a balance is made to lean down a part and this one can even be destroyed if he wonít choose one or another.

†††††††††† They distance from each other but at the first opportunity to be alone they will feel uncomfortable showing the strong feelings they have for each other. Paul once again meets Clara Dawes at Miriamís house and decides that he doesnít like her at all. He accompanies the two women for a walk until they reach a field of wildflowers that Clara sees as herself. She compares the flowers as her past and says that she doesnít want ďcorpsesĒ; dark memories of her experiences, around her.

††††††††††† When Mrs. Morel is taken by Paul to Lincoln, she doesnít accept his help in climbing the hill like she wonít accept the fact that she is getting sicker and sicker.

††††††††††† Annie ends up marrying Eduard while Arthur is bought out of the army and takes Beatrice to be his wife. Itís not so difficult to understand why Lawrence insisted on this part even though it has almost no meaning but actually it represents the power of a bond, something we will talk about later.

††††††††††† When Paul becomes more successful than he was, Mrs. Morel gives him a suit that belonged to William showing the fact that she finally let go of her dead son focusing her whole attention to her third child. Although his mother wants her son to ascend to a higher class, Paul prefers to remain with the common people being afraid to lose Gertrude if he would form his own life.

††††††††††† Mrs. Morel is a little hypocrite since she wants her son to marry a women but she is ready to give his body while she canít give up his soul like Miriam wanted.

††††††††††† Arthur has a child and feels miserable because having a family meant abandoning his old self but soon after that he accepts his responsibilities and starts acting like a husband and a father.

††††††††††† Clara Dawes begins to have a bigger impact on Paulís life when he starts to see her with different eyes. He finds her a job at his work place where she doesnít get along with her coworkers because she acts as she was above them. This can also been seen in the part where she isnít told anything about Paulís birthday. Clara sends him a present, an incident that brought the two of them closer to each other.

††††††††††† Mrs. Morel and Paul now share every piece of their life since their bond became stronger. As her son matures, Gertrude feels like she lives through his life while her own starts to disappear slowly in the arms of her illness.

††††††††††† In the next part of the book, the relationship between Paul and Miriam crosses the next level as he returns to her side with marriage in mind. Although he is serious about her, Miriam considers it is too early for them to move so fast but agrees to give him her body hoping she could keep him that way. Because of the religious life she was raised into, the daughter of the Leivers considers the act a sin, a sacrifice all women must do so her mind is struggling to accept all thatís happening.

††††††††††† At first they seem close to Mrs. Morelís dismay like a real family but actually the couple feel that what they do is wrong. Paul realizes the sacrifice Miriam is making for him and asks once again to marry him but the answer doesnít change so he turns back to his friends and to Clara.

††††††††††† As their love is connected by their soul its weakness reveals Miriamís fear of commitment and Paulís disgust of what she is doing. From these parts the influence of society in those times over the stories of Lawrence can be observed. He uses a language that will allow him to publish his books since most of them were banned because of the strict public morality.

††††††††††† In the end the hero opens up to his mother like he always does with the thought of breaking off with Miriam since he finally understood that a marriage between the two of them would not have worked out. From this point on the author shows us the selfishness of Paul who wants not only a love between souls but the passion of one too and the fact that he doesnít accept anything else but the full package. It may also be considered an excuse for not wanting to leave his motherís side. The way she trapped him will lead to nothing good as we will continue to see. His punishment started and it will eat his soul slowly until it will destroy him like it happen with William.

††††††††††† The next chapter starts with Mrs. Morel feeling ill when she was walking with Paul meaning that his light in life is losing its power as time passes by. The relationship of him with Clara is also presented like a passionate one but nothing more than that and the one with Miriam still exists but only as friendship. When the affirmation that he feels the same way for Clara that his parents did for each other is being made he strongly denies it since that meant that all his life, he was seeing his future. From these words, Lawrence gives us a clue of why Gertrude and Walter ended like they did, firstly because of the lies I mentioned before and secondly because of the lack of love between them and the growth of the passion.

††††††††††† Mrs. Morel seems to like Clara since she wonít take her son away like Miriam intended to do. She is happy by the fact that there is no other bond than the passion between them and that even though he is with another woman she would still have him for herself.

††††††††††† In this part Lawrence uses the nature to explain their connection, the river, the garden, the fields and even the green dress she was wearing to the theatre. It seems like all the environment participates in their passion.

††††††††††† Their little adventure continues in the next chapter where the author points the facts at Baxter Dawes, Claraís husband who she has not divorced yet. Because she left him but didnít abandoned him completely and because he is willing to beat her new boyfriend makes us believe that their souls are still connected. All these incidents made Mrs. Morel reconsider accepting her sonís new girlfriend to asking him to find the right woman. Of course his answer is one we all expected, he told her that as long as she is alive he will never find the right person. It can easily be seen that the most important person in his life is no one else but his mother and that he is aware of the fact that he is trapped by her, unable to escape if she is alive but at the end we will see that the trap is far more complex than he thought.

††††††††††† When Paul is beaten by Baxter both Clara and Miriam come to visit him but their visit have no value since he tells his mother that he doesnít care about them. This part is a little contradictory or better said he tries to make his mother sure of his love for her, of how important she is to him. Why? Itís not so difficult to understand his heart. He feels that Mrs. Morelís time is almost over and wants to try one last time to hold her in his life. He is like a little child that feels his mother getting out the door knowing she will not return anymore but even so he still tells her how much he loves her in order to convince her to stay. Unfortunately when a tumor is discovered, Paul realizes how selfish he was asking her to stay when she has no power over it and tries to make her remaining time as pleasant as possible.

††††††††††† In this pictures Annie also appears or better said her life is presented in a few words, a lovely family she made for herself as well as Arthur who managed to find his own path in life next to his family. Happy events and bad events were put in the same chapter in order to have a bigger impact over the reader.

††††††††††† Paul finds out that Baxter is also in the hospital and unbelievable he tries to get Clara and her husband together once again. With Miriam is almost the same situation, he tries to arrange the things he destroyed like he is making heís last wish and maybe he really is. The two men that once were enemies now became friends and the lovers that wanted so much to hold on to each other are separating for the last time.†††††††

††††††††††† As Mrs. Morel gets worse Annie and Paul canít continue to see her suffering so much so they crush some sleeping pills and put it into the hot milk they gave her. Gertrude Morel fell asleep forever in the morning and with her Paulís soul disappeared.

††††††††††† The end of the book also represents the end of their family as the one sustaining everyone past away. Mr. Morel and Paul walk two separate ways, while Walter becomes a lonely wolf like he has always been, Paul feels completely lost without that light he most treasured.

††††††††††† Even though they separated completely, Miriam tries for the last time to get Paul by asking him to marry her but he pushes away all the hopes for him to be happy and choses to wander around town. With the image of a lost soul he forgets everything about himself and others continuing to go the same path his mother took. Soon enough he changes his mind and prefers to just walk around the town like a bird that had her wings cut.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††


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