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Lucrare de atestat la limba engleza - two paths, one choice!

Lucrare de atestat la limba engleza - two paths, one choice!

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Between watching a movie and reading a book, most of the people will most certainly choose the movie. It takes less time, the images are already shown and you donít have to think anymore, also it seems to be greater thanks to the contribution of the director but they couldnít be more wrong than this. Itís true that seeing a movie is easier but choosing it over reading means that you do not understand the meaning of the words. You need to work in order to discover the beauty hidden between the lines but trust me, is worth it.

Put in the situation of choosing a theme for this project, I could not think of anything better than the story behind the lines of a book. David Herbert Richards Lawrence is an English writer that through his words was able to express so many feelings and a truth that little know about, thatís how the novel ďSons and LoversĒ was born.

The title, I have chosen, however, has another meaning. There will always be people that are put in front of a decision which could change their life and of course there will always be two choices that will lead to opposite directions. This book talks about the same idea but through the eyes of much more complex characters. I believe this title is the best anyone could come out with since it represents the life of people who the author inspired his story from.

Mrs. Morelís choices are being observed very closely, by the author and the readers since the whole action of the novel has her as the centre of everything.

I understand that a book does not seem such an interesting idea for a project but I was drawn by the thoughts and the feelings revealed little by little as time passed. The story itself is something that most people went through, but this time Lawrence took the action to a different level by making his characters to cross the forbidden lines. As we interact with them we will start to understand their personalities without being able to accuse them of their actions.

This story is different from the other ones because when we read it we will not exist as an individual but we will experience the same emotions the characters have. Without realizing, a smile will appear on your face whenever something funny happens and tears will flood your eyes when sadness is present, making it impossible for you to continue reading but even so you will not be able to stop.

The most discussed subjects from this book are family and love, but things are not as easy as they seem. The power of a motherís love is presented as the strongest of all that can easily surpass the other feelings. Although we were thought that positive emotions are better than the negative ones, sometimes the danger lies in the first category and not the second one. At the end of the book we will think about that idea once again and understand the unusual words said earlier.

Life, from the authorís point of view seems like we know it but reading between the lines we will realize how little we, as humans, understand. He tried to offer us a book where the mistakes are shown in order not to be repeated. Every word and line existing in this story contains feelings drawn to the surface by our minds.

I needed a subject and I had one prepared, just the opportunity was expected and now that one came too. I wanted to talk about this, because of the unusual and normal that we experiment through this book.

Lawrence is someone that lived in the lines of his books, writing this one in a special way. Why? Because it is said that the story is inspired from his life and that through it, he wanted to show the love for his mother. An admirable thing to do, taking in consideration that not many men are willing to express the feelings they have for their family, especially for their mother so easily. Unfortunately they are too proud to do that.  

I am sure that many people love their family but there is one person in any family that surpasses any kind of love other members offer, the mother. She is someone capable of anything for their children even if this means her destruction. Well, the author tried to show this kind of love in many different ways we will see when we will go along with the story. He amazed me with his kind words that for other characters were like a knife passing through their heart and of course with the impact a feeling can have on other people, an impact that ca provoke more damages on those around you rather than on yourself. How is that even possible? We will understand as we start to see the story hidden deep in the lines.

Although it might seem an easy subject to talk about a book actually it is one of the most complex themes because of all the feelings presented in it. This one does not present the story of someone but it expresses life with its ups and downs, with the best and the worst decisions and how feelings can manipulate you to see things in a different light than they really are.  

There are many reasons why I chose to speak about a book and I doubt I can put on these pieces of paper everyone of it. Even so I can only hope that my true feelings could make you understand what my thoughts were when I decided on ďSons and LoversĒ.

We all know about the limits that exist in any of us, limits that we should respect in order to live the life we want, and that are being crossed in the novel for the sake of understanding their danger. We can associate the thin line between a genius and an insane person with the line between the love of a mother and that of a lover, the similarity is that both of them, surpassed will lead to our damnation.

At the beginning of the book we will see immediately the first step that leads to the end of a family like we know it. Lying has always brought misfortune and hate and starting a marriage based only on lies can only form a false family. If one had this kind of life, they could only look for a ďplaceĒ to direction their love, in the case of this novel; Mrs. Morel offers all of her feelings to her children. For that reason Lawrence presents us how lonely a person can become even though a family is always home.

This is how Mr. Morelís story will start. We will be able to observe his performances as the action is moving forward. The way he will try to get close to his children that himself drove away with his personality are one of the most touching moments.

The involvement of parents in the education of their children is very important because of the bond that ca be formed like this. You can say it is an opportunity to allow trust to be formed between the family members. 

Life is the best gift we, as people received but there are different kind of lives depending on the choices we made in time. The novel ďSons and LoversĒ shows us those types through the complex characters and the mistakes they made that lead to what we torment ourselves so much to ignore, the destruction of our own souls.

Two paths, One choice!

D H Lawrence used his own experience and point of view on life to write novels that at that time were very hard criticized. His emotions and the changes he suffered along the years are confined in the books he wrote. Thatís why his opera can express so good the kind of feelings he wanted to be known.

He was involved in the life of his characters because all their actions were inspired from his own life, making his novels rise to a different level than a normal book From the happy moments from childhood to the traumatic experience of the war years, Lawrence immortalized every single emotion in the lines of, now well-known novels and poems.  

Unfortunately because of his vision on the world, critics gave him a hard time and transformed his public image into a ďpornographer who had wasted his considerable talentsĒ. In the end, the novelist Forester and the critic Leavis, understood his way of watching life and appreciated his work challenging his widely view. Even when fighting with the disease that ended his life, tuberculosis, Lawrence continued to write operas that remained until these days. 

The novel ďSons and LoversĒ had a different impact on the authorís life than his other books because his will of living dies and is being reborn through the encrypted words of the book. His masterpiece needed to be rewritten four times until he could be happy with it and because he worked on it before and after his mother died, Lawrence was able to capture the power of love for her.

It is said that the novel can as easily be categorized as an autobiography since it represents him more than his other works.

Formed from two parts, the characters change according to the action and the only one that makes the action follow her is Mrs. Morel, a women Lawrence associated with his mother he mentioned in some letters. He saw her as a ďclever, ironical, delicately moulded womanĒ and in order to keep her memories alive, he created the perfect clone, Gertrude Coppard for whom he felt a close connection.

Time, in this story is unpredictable the author using flashbacks to make the readers understands the past of his characters. Also the experiences they go through are also presented in different times just as the chapters are unique. In the beginning the description of a new neighborhood and house where the Morels live is followed by the past and the way this home formed.

At first, Lawrence presents us the characters, Mr. and Mrs. Morel (pregnant with her third child), William (the oldest son of seven years old) and Annie (the only daughter of the two husbands having five years old).

As soon as we start reading we reach into a new dimension, the wakes where William goes in the morning waiting for his mother to come with Annie. When Mrs. Morel comes in the afternoon with her daughter; her eldest son shows her two egg-cups that were won special for his mother. They have fun at the fair but when Mrs. Morel leaves and William decides to stay a little longer we find out that he will have no more fun without her.

This part shows the readers the beginning of the relation between a mother and her son and thatís exactly why the author decided to start with it. As we keep reading we will understand better the importance of this small action. The fact that he thought at his mother when he won the prize and that he couldnít enjoy himself after she left like other children do, makes us understand that he feels a closer connection to her than anybody else does with their mother.

When night comes and after the children go to bed, Mrs. Morel reflects on her situation and hates the baby thatís going to be born because of her husband that keeps drinking. She puts all of her hope into her two children that were sleeping quietly upstairs and continued to do her job as a wife until Mr. Morel comes home and they begin to argue. The fight, like always took place because of his drinking problems but when he takes out the gingerbread he brought for his children she calms down and goes to bed.

In this part we are presented with a life that Mrs. Morel hated, excepting for her two children, a life where fights seem to be a daily event. Although she does her work at home we can see that she is the intelligent type by her reflection on life. The fact that puts an end to that squabble is the present her husband brought for his children showing that he still cares for them and wants their love.

The chapter continues with a flashback about Mrs. Morelís life. Known as Gertrude Coppard, she came from a poor family and had a friend named John Field who gave her a bible she kept. Actually what is important in her past was the moment she encouraged him to stand for himself when his father decided his future. She hated the fact that she wasnít born a man to do what she wanted but John makes her understand that being a man wouldnít solve everything and that itís harder than she thinks.

From the fact that Lawrence used the past of Gertrude Coppard as a flashback we can realize that the most important character from the story is her. The discussion with her friend shows the way women were considered in that time and also the strength she has because she wasnít afraid to say what was on her mind.

The second part of the flashback shows the meting between Gertrude and Walter Morel at a Christmas party. He liked to dance and even though she refused his invitation, Gertrude loved how different he was from her father. A year later they got married and their life seem to be great but nothing was meant to last. Their happiness ended when she discovered that they owe a lot of money for the furniture in their house and that the place they were living in wasnít theirs but her mother in laws. Showing the readers this little detail, that lies can destroy every drop of happiness existing, he tried to make us learn about the intensity of Mrs. Morelís feelings. An intensity she also felt when she was locked out of the house by her drunken husband. Another incident she kept in her mind all of the years, was when Walter cut Williamís hair while he was asleep. She thought it was like a betrayal from her husband.

From the authorís point of view, Walter Morel was the one to drive his wife away and make her turn toward her children.

The next chapter begins with Mr. Morelís help around the house when he understood the gravity of his actions. His wife gives birth to a baby boy in a morning and at night when he comes home, he first asks for a drink from his neighbor who helped the baby be born and only after that he went upstairs to see his wife and son.

Also the tendency of Walter to play for sympathy, shown from the scene he made in front of Mr. Heaton by enumerating the difficulties in the mines, reminded his wife the way she was played, making her hate grow toward him.

The baby got a name while his mother and sister were walking near the cricket fields. The peace from her heart at that moment made Mrs. Morel feel strongly for her son and had the instinct to call him Paul.

Like everyday, a fight started between the two husbands in a night when Walter came home once again drunk. This time because of his rage, he pulled out a kitchen drawer and threw it at her, cutting her forehead. The blood started to fall on her baby she held in her arms. This connects Paul and Mrs. Morel with a blood bond stronger than anything else.

Because of that, Mr. Morel spend some days in bed and afterwards in bars proving us how bad he felt for what he did. He was like a little child trying to confront his parents, like when he took a sixpence from his wifeís purse and because of the fight he leaves home but not the yard. The fact that Gertrude was worried and started to look for him shows us the love feelings still presented in her soul.

This time the cowardly part of Mr. Morel was overtaking the readers since he tries to put all the blame for the problems they had on his wife but the calm and mature way she resolved everything made him realize the opposite. Also the fact that he prefers to eat alone and feels better when his family is not around proves the contrast between the two husbands.

In this chapter Walter Morel has to fight with an illness that keeps him all day chained to bed and all the responsibility of taking care of him falls on Mrs. Morelís head. His fear of being alone can be easily seen when he gets better but doesnít accepts the fact that his wife will no longer take care of him and that she turns toward her children more and more. In this period of time, because of the pity she takes on her husband, another baby is conceived, Arthur, that will be the first one being born very fond of his father, making him happy. Being happy when one of his sons is closed to him presents what we all know, he wants the love of his children even if sometimes he prefers to be alone.

As time passes William is growing and sometimes Paul starts to cry out of nowhere catching his mother attention all the time this happens .When the eldest son has a fight with Alfred, a boy his age, Mrs. Anthony, his mother confronts Mrs. Morel who has a calm way of asking her son his side of the story taking his part. Unfortunately Mrs. Anthony also talks with Mr. Morel who wants to beat William for ripping Alfredís collar, thatís when his wife intervenes starting another fight between the two of them. This event only shows the power of a mother ready to interfere with anyone for their children even her own husband.

Gertrude finds William a job at Co-op office when he turns thirteen where he is doing great even winning a running race leaving home with an inkstand shaped like an anvil he gives to his mother. Just like the moment at the fair William offers Mrs. Morel a proof of the connection between them in the form of a present won with his own power.

Because Walter wanted his son to be a miner stars another scandal when he gets that job, but the action his wife did only makes us understand that she wanted William to be as different from his father as he could. However he begins to dance like his father did when he was young, something that Mrs. Morel hated because it seemed like a rejection of his mother and also all the girls looking for him were chased away by her provoking the first argument between the two of them. This moment can be seen as the point when her son stars his life, trying to separate himself from her.

At nineteen years old, William gets a job in Nottingham and begins to study harder. Not long after that he is offered a job in London to his motherís dismay. Although she didnít see him off, the both of them burned all of his love letters, a ritual meant to prove his mother just how important she was for him and the he has returned to her side.

In the absence of William, Paul became closer to his sister Annie who started to be a tomboy. He accidentally broke her doll when he jumped on the sofa upsetting her but making Paul more upset than she was. Trying to fix what he did wrong, he proposed to make a sacrifice out of that doll so they burn its remaining closing the gab between them.

The author concentrates for a moment on the only daughter of the family, Annie who tried so hard to be like a boy. Why? Itís a little complicated but she understood something, her mother was closer to her brothers, William and Paul and she thought that being like them would take her attention.

From the fact that she still had dolls, Lawrence shows us a girly part of Annie and the ritual they performed with the remains of the toy, made her be reborn as a girl this time, just like a phoenix bird. Seeing she had no hope of being like her brothers she searched for her true self. Also the ritual finally separated Paul from being just a follower of his sister to a brother.

Although Annie is presented more at first, the action starts to concentrate on Paul and his influence on his mother, he is worried when his mother is, stays with her at night talking after the chores are done and even helping her at baking bread. In this part we find out that the children prefer to have their mother close to them rather than their father, the difference between them being brought to light once again. But the proof of their fatherís love for them and their love for him can be seen in the time he spends with them when he is happy even reading them stories.

When Paul fells ill his mother attention goes to him like it always did, his father wanted to take care of him but the fact that he asks for his mother and that she stays with him all night comforting him presents once again a situation where their bond is stronger than before.

When going to collect his fatherís money, he hated it but when his mother comes home after going shopping, he stays near her and involves in the things she bought. He still prefers his mother and everything that has to do with her while his father stands on the line.

The rest of the time the family is happy preparing for the returning of William, a subject that stirs quarrels but this only proves there canít be happiness without unhappiness.

When her husband is hurt at work by a piece of rock that fell on his leg, Mrs. Morel manages to take care of him with Paulís support. He was next to her in the worse and the best moments of that period of time, he took the job of a husband.

Although Walter was hurt and his family was worried for his health, they kind of regret when he gets out from the hospital since that meant that the happy moments have ended.

At the age of fourteen, Gertrude tries to find his son, Paul a job like she did with William. The fact that working meant spending less time with his mother and that it was like a separation from her, he disliked it but even so he went with Mrs. Morelís wishes and he found himself a job at Mr. Jordan as a junior spiral clerk.

After the interview he went through, Paul, together with his mother are having dinner in an eating-house, taking a walk around the town, looking at some shops and buying some stuffs. The two of them were so happy. It seemed more like a date between lovers rather than a walk with a mother, this moment represents the strong bond between them, it represents that he gave his soul to his mother how we will see later on this book.

As the preparation for the job goes on, Mrs. Morel wishes that William would have send them some money; this shows the disappointment of the mother in her eldest son once again with this incident as well as when the photograph of a girl heís dating reaches their house. As William becomes a real gentleman in London, he makes his mother jealous when he sends o picture of Louisa Lily Denys Western, first an inappropriate one and then another one that lets no impression on Mrs. Morel.

Soon Paul begins to like his job at the factory and becomes very good friends with the women workers there. From this fact we can observe how Paul feels better in the presence of the girls, like when he was following Annie and now being friends with the workers rather than the boys and that is thanks to the influence of his mother.

Moving forward with the action, we can observe a description of Arthur that started to hate his father the same as his brothers did. Then he wins a scholarship in Nottingham as the relation with his father becomes worse so his mother allows him to live with one of her sisters in order to protect him from seeing Mr. Morel. Also Annie started her job as a teacher in a Board- school. This is one of the moments Mrs. Morel becomes closer to Paul, seeing him as her only escape from the kind of life she lived.

William makes the same mistake Gertrude did by getting engaged with the girl he was dating. He understands her true self when she is brought to meet her future husbandís family on Christmas. Louisa starts to act superior in front of them even treating Annie like a servant. This made William think again about marrying a girl so different from his mother like Mrs. Morel did marrying someone so different from her father so he starts to regret proposing her. He understood that his feelings for his mother are greater than the ones for his fiancee but because he couldnít leave her after making a promise like that he continued with the act.

When Paul gets a day off he goes with his mother to the Leivers farm to respond to an invitation at tea. There he first interacts with Miriam, the only daughter of that family and helps her with the teasing of her brothers.

The dramatic part of the story starts when William once again brings his fiancee home and she continues with the behavior she had last time. He is tortured by the thought of getting married with her, he falls ill and soon after he dies in London with his mother by his side. Mrs. Morel is devastated but reacts at the thought that she could also loose Paul that fell ill with pneumonia so she takes care of him.

Lawrence specifically insisted on this point because it was the ending for William but the beginning for Paul. If there was a bond between the two brothers and their mother, now that connection had been transferred towards Paul keeping him away from his life. We can easily observe the way the author punishes its characters, like William who tried to get away from the deep connection with his mother by choosing someone so different from her. His mistake of proposing to Louise and the fact that he forcefully wanted to change his destiny lead him to the only possible way there was, death. Although his actions were punished, he managed to get away with just disappearing while Mrs. Morel was condemned to a life of hardships and the sight of her dead child, something unbearable for most of the women but she was the prototype of the feminine strength of that time so she could keep going on.

The same mistake was Paul about to do when he chooses to keep going to the Leiverís farm because it was so different from his own family. This chapter also shows the close relationship he starts to have with Miriam; he is drawn by her desire to learn so he offers to teach her, and canít understand the squabble they have over some burned potatoes and the way her brothers treat her only for that. This part also shows us how women were seen in those times.

Miriam seems like waiting for her prince charming on a white horse and believes that maybe Paul is the one she is wants. Living in a fantasy world is not so bad sometimes but she wakes up from her dream when her prince falls ill letting her see his weakness. At first the two of them are not so close but the swing and the nature (the bird nest) have a big impact on the way they see each other.

Mrs. Morel doesnít agree on the relationship they have, she believes that Miriam attracts his soul separating him from her. Like a lover Gertrude feels jealous over the girl that can actually steal her son.

In this part Paul is in a negative state lying to himself that he is not in love because that would mean he is growing and the time to make his own life leaving his mother is not so far so he prefers to see Miriam just like a friend.

He realize his feelings when going for a holiday but in the same time he hates that person that makes his mother and even himself feel so uncomfortable. These are contradictory feelings that have an intense influence on the other one. Why? Because good cannot exist without bad and love cannot exist without hate.

In the next chapter Arthur enlists in the army on a whim and sent his mother a letter asking her to get him out but she was unable to do that so he had to remain there. The author started with this part because the lesson Arthur learned allowed him to continue his life separating himself from his mother. We can see that all the acts he was pulling were just to have Mrs. Morelís attention like his sister did when she was a child but he realizes the mistake in doing that so he adapts the situation and goes on with his life.

The fact that Paul wins two first-prizes awards in an exhibition appropriates him more to the image of his older brother and in the same time he makes his mother proud.

A new character appears, Clara Dawes, a married woman that lives apart her husband and that is said that she hates men. She will have a big impact on our heroís life.

Paul continues to see Miriam just like a friend and assures himself that she knows that. They are becoming closer and closer. When she comes to Paulís home while heís baking and acting like that was her house, the familiarity of her is easily seen in her actions. The fact that he is the happiest when he is with her makes Paul put Mrs. Morel and Miriam on the same level considering the last one a thread in the relation he has with his mother. Even so he canít accept to lose any of them. He becomes selfish about love and wants to keep it in a balance but a balance is made to lean down a part and this one can even be destroyed if he wonít choose one or another.

He burns the bread he forgets in the oven and even if he tries to save it was too late. The author wants to show us the future of Paul hidden in the actions he does. If he will forget about his own life there is a big possibility it might end up burned just like that loaf of bread. This is the first time Mrs. Morel starts to show the weakness of her body to her family, when she faints in the middle of the squabble between Paul and his father.

In the next chapter Miriam and Paul break up by the thought that nothing will change, his mother restrains him from moving forward and the feelings he has for her keeps him from being just friends. Although Miriam understands him she canít stop hating the fact that he is being controlled by his family.

They distance from each other but at the first opportunity to be alone they will feel uncomfortable showing the strong feelings they have for each other. Paul once again meets Clara Dawes at Miriamís house and decides that he doesnít like her at all. He accompanies the two women for a walk until they reach a field of wildflowers that Clara sees as herself. She compares the flowers as her past and says that she doesnít want ďcorpsesĒ; dark memories of her experiences, around her.

When Mrs. Morel is taken by Paul to Lincoln, she doesnít accept his help in climbing the hill like she wonít accept the fact that she is getting sicker and sicker.

Annie ends up marrying Eduard while Arthur is bought out of the army and takes Beatrice to be his wife. Itís not so difficult to understand why Lawrence insisted on this part even though it has almost no meaning but actually it represents the power of a bond, something we will talk about later.

When Paul becomes more successful than he was, Mrs. Morel gives him a suit that belonged to William showing the fact that she finally let go of her dead son focusing her whole attention to her third child. Although his mother wants her son to ascend to a higher class, Paul prefers to remain with the common people being afraid to lose Gertrude if he would form his own life.

Mrs. Morel is a little hypocrite since she wants her son to marry a women but she is ready to give his body while she canít give up his soul like Miriam wanted.

Arthur has a child and feels miserable because having a family meant abandoning his old self but soon after that he accepts his responsibilities and starts acting like a husband and a father.

Clara Dawes begins to have a bigger impact on Paulís life when he starts to see her with different eyes. He finds her a job at his work place where she doesnít get along with her coworkers because she acts as she was above them. This can also been seen in the part where she isnít told anything about Paulís birthday. Clara sends him a present, an incident that brought the two of them closer to each other.

Mrs. Morel and Paul now share every piece of their life since their bond became stronger. As her son matures, Gertrude feels like she lives through his life while her own starts to disappear slowly in the arms of her illness.

In the next part of the book, the relationship between Paul and Miriam crosses the next level as he returns to her side with marriage in mind. Although he is serious about her, Miriam considers it is too early for them to move so fast but agrees to give him her body hoping she could keep him that way. Because of the religious life she was raised into, the daughter of the Leivers considers the act a sin, a sacrifice all women must do so her mind is struggling to accept all thatís happening.

At first they seem close to Mrs. Morelís dismay like a real family but actually the couple feel that what they do is wrong. Paul realizes the sacrifice Miriam is making for him and asks once again to marry him but the answer doesnít change so he turns back to his friends and to Clara.

As their love is connected by their soul its weakness reveals Miriamís fear of commitment and Paulís disgust of what she is doing. From these parts the influence of society in those times over the stories of Lawrence can be observed. He uses a language that will allow him to publish his books since most of them were banned because of the strict public morality.

In the end the hero opens up to his mother like he always does with the thought of breaking off with Miriam since he finally understood that a marriage between the two of them would not have worked out. From this point on the author shows us the selfishness of Paul who wants not only a love between souls but the passion of one too and the fact that he doesnít accept anything else but the full package. It may also be considered an excuse for not wanting to leave his motherís side. The way she trapped him will lead to nothing good as we will continue to see. His punishment started and it will eat his soul slowly until it will destroy him like it happen with William.

The next chapter starts with Mrs. Morel feeling ill when she was walking with Paul meaning that his light in life is losing its power as time passes by. The relationship of him with Clara is also presented like a passionate one but nothing more than that and the one with Miriam still exists but only as friendship. When the affirmation that he feels the same way for Clara that his parents did for each other is being made he strongly denies it since that meant that all his life, he was seeing his future. From these words, Lawrence gives us a clue of why Gertrude and Walter ended like they did, firstly because of the lies I mentioned before and secondly because of the lack of love between them and the growth of the passion.

Mrs. Morel seems to like Clara since she wonít take her son away like Miriam intended to do. She is happy by the fact that there is no other bond than the passion between them and that even though he is with another woman she would still have him for herself.

In this part Lawrence uses the nature to explain their connection, the river, the garden, the fields and even the green dress she was wearing to the theatre. It seems like all the environment participates in their passion.

Their little adventure continues in the next chapter where the author points the facts at Baxter Dawes, Claraís husband who she has not divorced yet. Because she left him but didnít abandoned him completely and because he is willing to beat her new boyfriend makes us believe that their souls are still connected. All these incidents made Mrs. Morel reconsider accepting her sonís new girlfriend to asking him to find the right woman. Of course his answer is one we all expected, he told her that as long as she is alive he will never find the right person. It can easily be seen that the most important person in his life is no one else but his mother and that he is aware of the fact that he is trapped by her, unable to escape if she is alive but at the end we will see that the trap is far more complex than he thought.

When Paul is beaten by Baxter both Clara and Miriam come to visit him but their visit have no value since he tells his mother that he doesnít care about them. This part is a little contradictory or better said he tries to make his mother sure of his love for her, of how important she is to him. Why? Itís not so difficult to understand his heart. He feels that Mrs. Morelís time is almost over and wants to try one last time to hold her in his life. He is like a little child that feels his mother getting out the door knowing she will not return anymore but even so he still tells her how much he loves her in order to convince her to stay. Unfortunately when a tumor is discovered, Paul realizes how selfish he was asking her to stay when she has no power over it and tries to make her remaining time as pleasant as possible.

In this pictures Annie also appears or better said her life is presented in a few words, a lovely family she made for herself as well as Arthur who managed to find his own path in life next to his family. Happy events and bad events were put in the same chapter in order to have a bigger impact over the reader.

Paul finds out that Baxter is also in the hospital and unbelievable he tries to get Clara and her husband together once again. With Miriam is almost the same situation, he tries to arrange the things he destroyed like he is making heís last wish and maybe he really is. The two men that once were enemies now became friends and the lovers that wanted so much to hold on to each other are separating for the last time.

As Mrs. Morel gets worse Annie and Paul canít continue to see her suffering so much so they crush some sleeping pills and put it into the hot milk they gave her. Gertrude Morel fell asleep forever in the morning and with her Paulís soul disappeared.

The end of the book also represents the end of their family as the one sustaining everyone past away. Mr. Morel and Paul walk two separate ways, while Walter becomes a lonely wolf like he has always been, Paul feels completely lost without that light he most treasured.

Even though they separated completely, Miriam tries for the last time to get Paul by asking him to marry her but he pushes away all the hopes for him to be happy and choses to wander around town. With the image of a lost soul he forgets everything about himself and others continuing to go the same path his mother took. Soon enough he changes his mind and prefers to just walk around the town like a bird that had her wings cut.


A subject not too easy to talk about, the story of the Morelís made me understand the love of a mother, the sacrifices they make in order for their children to be healthy and happy, but also what children are willing to do for the attention of their parents.

Although it talks about the life of a family, about the truth behind the image of a happy home, Lawrence reaches the limit by expressing the idea that destiny cannot be changed and that before trying to change it just try to accept it since this is the only path someone can take if they want to live happily.

Feelings are mixed between the lines of the story and unexpected changes its course turning the idea kept until then so hard, upside down.

From the beginning we are coming in contact with William letting us believe that the central character is him. Although there are others participating in the action, the one that is being seen differently in our eyes and in his motherís eyes is the oldest son. In some point this fact is presented and intensified along the chapters, but the idea is suddenly changed by the death of the one considered until then, the hero of the story.

Another important fact presented in the book is the way society saw women, like mothers and thatís all, for the feminism the past is not exactly a happy ones since we walked a hard and difficult road until we were able to reach this point that allows us to be seen more than just a nanny for our family.

The desire to be a man, the power she had to stand against one, the example of Clara Dawes and many other signs shown by the author provides us with information that women started to change and take the initiative in a world they are not appreciated and their rights are not respected or are inexistent.

The tragic end the principal characters had was because they tried to surpass the destiny and couldnít accept any other options. William died because he tried to distance himself from his mother, Mrs. Morelís life ended because she wouldnít let go of her son and Paul was last seen wandering. Why? Because he, of all tried to have more than he needed, he wasnít able to compromise. His desire for love was not enough so passion appeared and also the fact that he wanted Miriam, Clara and his mother next to him turn him into a selfish and egoistic man.

As we move along the action, we take part in the rising life of the characters as well as in their decline. Mrs. Morel is at the highest point of her happiness at the beginning of her marriage but then she feels and her family starts to break. William kept winning in his life but when Louise appears he also fells even harder than his mother so he dies. Paul is the one suffering the most from these ups and downs because he is the happiest until his mother faded away and he couldnít find his own path wondering around the town without a soul anymore.

ďSons and LoversĒ is initiating us in the mystical universe of the words that takes out all the feelings presented in order to learn from the mistakes of the character and to understand the limits that are so easy to break. The fact that the past is showed in its splendor, with the traditions and culture, with the importance of a family and the view of something so different from today, transforms this book from a regular one to a form of art that Lawrence was so harsh criticized for.

Even if society didnít allowed this kind of writing the story exists today in a secretive way. The symbols hidden in parts that represents an usual life offers a strop of mystery to the readers.

At the end we start to understand why William and Paul suffered so much while Annie and Arthur were able to form their own family, their own place where they could be happy. Those that have chosen the path of their mother have been caught in her trap and eventually destroyed while those that escaped from captivity and accepted their destiny choosing their own path could easily just follow it and find its end.

Love, family, limits, lies and selfishness are presented together in a book that amazes everyone who reads it and makes it the perfect theme for me. Every action of the Morelís was traced by Lawrence so he could show the readers the truth of the forgotten past whose efforts can also be seen in the present time.

For us, women is something absolutely normal to be put at the same level as men are but the rights we have today have been won with the hard work of the feminists who cannot be here today. They proved to the entirely word why we deserved every right the other part has and the author of this novel wanted to state the mistakes of that time and the view of the society that was so strict about some subjects.

Reading a book is one way to learn more about the world and I believe that this is one of the best examples in learning, a story that is like a teacher for us witch teaches us more than we expected.


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